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Fitness Center


Hours: 5:00 AM to 11:00 PM Daily (subject to change)

Residents need to complete the Pool & Fitness Center Application and Waiver for admission. The Application will serve for both the pool and/or fitness center so you only need to complete it once.

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Please note that there are cameras installed throughout the fitness center.

The Brunswick Crossing Fitness Center, which includes the exercise/weight room and yoga room (“Fitness Center”), is a fully functioning exercise facility which includes treadmills, elliptical machines, stationary bikes, free weights, a rowing machine and yoga studio items. Please enjoy the equipment, keeping in mind skill and strength levels. In the interest of ensuring a safe, sanitary and fun fitness facility, the following policies have been adopted by the Brunswick Crossing Homeowners Association, Inc. The Association’s Board of Directors reserves the right to revise and/or introduce additional rules as deemed necessary for the proper operation of the Fitness Center.


If you do not already have a Membership Pass, please contact:

Onsite Manager: Terry Cromwell, CMCA, AMS

Direct Phone: (301) 966-7913

Email: [email protected]

Use of the Fitness Center is limited to Brunswick Crossing members 14 years of age and older in good standing with the Association. Residents between the ages of 14 and 17 may use the equipment only with active adult supervision.

Rules and Regulations

The same membership card (fob) (“Membership Pass”) you use to access the pool is needed to open the door of the Fitness Center. Please note that this Membership Pass does not allow access to the Welcome Center during unopened hours.

If you wish to use the Fitness Center, you must sign and return the Waiver Form along with the Membership Application, both of which are available on the website or the Owner Portal under “Documents”.

If you already have a Membership Pass, the pass has been programmed remotely to provide you access to the Fitness Center.

Children younger than 14 are not permitted in the Fitness Center. The signed waiver form applies to all household residents from the applicable residence, even though they are not each required to sign the form.

The Membership Pass will be used to open the Fitness Center to gain entry. Patrons should have and maintain the Membership Pass in their possession whenever they are using the Fitness Center.

While providing active supervision for a child between the ages of 14 and 17, the adult responsible for supervising the child(ren) may not be simultaneously using the exercise equipment. No strollers or carriers are permitted inside the Fitness Center.

Only household residents of Association members in good standing with the Association may use the Fitness Center. Good standing is defined as being current in assessment fees and having no outstanding violations. The Board may suspend use for members who are delinquent in their assessment payments, for a violation of the Association’s Legal Documents and/or for a violation of these Rules and Regulations.

Members are allowed to bring one guest to use the Fitness Center. These guests must be accompanied at the Fitness Center at all times by their host member who holds the Membership Pass.

Use of the Fitness Center and equipment is solely at the user’s own risk. Brunswick Crossing Homeowners Association, Inc., Brunswick Crossing, LLC, Pleasants Development, LLC, IKO Community Management, and agents make no representations or warranties as to the safety or reliability of the equipment and are not responsible for injury, illness or death from any cause, whether proper or improper use of the equipment or equipment failure. It is highly recommended that persons desiring to exercise seek the advice of a doctor prior to beginning an exercise program and that patron’s use the “buddy system” and have someone accompany them while using the facility.

Use of the facility must be in strict accordance with these Rules and Regulations. Members will be held responsible for the actions of themselves, their household residents and guests to make certain they are fully aware of the Fitness Center Rules and Regulations. The Board of Directors has the right to suspend member use of the facilities for failure to comply with these Rules and Regulations.

In the event of an injury to someone using the Fitness Center, others present are expected to provide immediate emergency assistance and to call 911 to seek professional emergency response.


Proper gym attire is required when using the Fitness Center. Shirts, shorts and athletic shoes are required to be worn at all times with the exception of the Yoga room where shoes may be removed while doing yoga. No inappropriate footwear including, but not limited to, sandals, flip-flops, bathing suits or wet clothing is permitted.

Please be courteous to others and limit your time on the equipment to no more than 30 minutes when others are waiting.

The privacy of others must be respected. Persons making excessive noise including, but not limited to, loud and/or explicit music, will be asked to leave the Fitness Center.

Changes in setting for fans, lights and TVs can only be made with the assistance of Woody Cole, Field Manager with the Developer, who can be reached through community management at 301-966-7913.

Turn cell phones to vibrate and only engage in cell phone conversations outside of the Fitness Center.

Please wipe down the equipment when you are done using it. Sanitary, disposable towels are available and need to be thrown away in the trash after use.

Please pick up your towels, water bottles, newspapers or magazines, etc. for proper removal/disposal.

Headphones or buds must be used with all personal audio devices. Audible radios and CD players are not permitted.

Food and beverages, other than bottled water, are not permitted in the Fitness Center.

Please do not drop weight stacks onto the machines or on the floor. Use all equipment with care and the intended purpose to avoid injuries and damages.

Damage to the equipment or to the Fitness Center will be billed back to the responsible party.

To ensure a comfortable atmosphere for everyone, please be respectful of others.

The use of profanity, excessive noise, horseplay, or other disruptive behavior is not permitted.

Immediately report any damages to equipment or facility to community management at 301-966-7139.

No children under the age of 14 will be allowed in the Exercise Room.